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Abstract ideas and complex topics play an important role in the life of a brand or organization, but they can be hard to communicate to external as well as internal audiences in ways that are comprehensible, enticing, and original. Where traditional communication falls short, activation methods have the advantage of bringing your brand and messages to life, making complex, abstract, or challenging topics tangible, approachable, and inspiring.

Factorr specializes in creating immersive experiences, interactive installations, and engaging communication campaigns that connect audiences with their content in meaningful, memorable, and unconventional ways.  


Why overwhelm your audience, when you can make them feel active, empowered, and inspired? Our activations make an impact by creating awareness, emotional connection, and entertainment, while effectively informing and educating.

How we work

We offer a one-stop-shop experience, providing full service from conception to completion.  

Our work is based on user-centered, content-driven design, spatial storytelling, and tech-enhanced communication.   
Factorr’s extended team includes experienced creative consultants, creative producers, spatial designers, technologists, art directors, copywriters, and more. Our network allows us to guarantee excellence, innovative creative proposals, and agile organizational solutions.

While we are equipped to take care of every aspect of the brief, our approach is based on co-creation. We strive for full alignment with the client’s strategic needs, vision, and values, to provide tailored solutions that express and enhance their brand identity. To achieve this result, we involve our client to the degree that best suits their needs and expectations from the outset.


Ask us about how we can help you with your activation needs! 

Selected projects in our portfolio:

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