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Adrianna Matczak

Junior Marketing & Communication manager


Combining the power of research and empathy to create engaging messages that matter 

Working with words and their meaning, I am focused on delivering ethical, relevant and interesting marketing messages. The ability to empathize with one’s intended audience and understand their mindset should be in the toolbox of every content marketeer. It is crucial to creating messages that are effective, as they are tailored on actual wants and needs. It’s not pure science, but rather a practice that needs to combine market research and a socially-oriented, humanistic mind – something I cultivate in everyday work. 


I have a background in history of art, focused on contemporary art and museology, and for a couple of years have worked as a museum specialist. In 2018 I decided to step out of my comfort zone and jump into the deep end: I moved to The Netherlands to build my life from scratch here. I have always been attracted to the art of effective communication - I believe it is essential to successful relationships, both in business and in personal life. 

After obtaining my first Master’s degree in History of Art, I graduated from Media & Business and decided to become a communications professional. I trust that Factorr is a great place for my career development. Working here allows me to combine my experience in arts, museoloy and event organisation with the ambition to excel in the field of communication and marketing.



Lucky to be born in Poland in times of a democratic transition 


Obtained MA in History of Art


Worked as a collection registrar in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw


Moved to The Netherlands


Obtained MA in Media & Business at Erasmus University Rotterdam


Started a new adventure at Factorr

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