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Aida Kijauskaitė

Junior creative consultant


Effectively executing business strategies in arts, culture & entertainment. Making experiential and immersive initiatives accessible to new and diverse audiences around the globe.

With my background in spatial development, I’m responsible for the design of 3-dimensional spaces. In my work, I seek inspiration in ordinary surroundings that, at first glance, may not appear to be as beautiful as they are. I examine and question the smallest details of the objects I see, which liberates my imagination to create surreal images. I can speak louder than words by using visuals as language. I believe this is one of the best ways to communicate, depict diverse topics, and ideas that are interesting, a little crazy, and easy to understand.

I've always felt compelled to create and design since I was a child. After studying fine arts in high school, I was able to express myself to the greatest extent possible, but this was not exactly what I was looking for. As a result, I chose a course in International Spatial Development. It appealed to me because of its fascinating intersection of logical and creative thinking. This enabled me to comprehend the urban development that must be constructed to reflect the soul of a city and make it livable.



Born in the tiny Baltic country, Lithuania in 1999


On the way to finishing International Spatial Development course in Breda University of Applied Sciences in Breda, the Netherlands


Busy biking, delivering food with Deliveroo. You might have seen me on the road in Breda


Finished a 3 – month internship with a property development company called Villa Nova Properties in Cape Town, South Africa


Did a project for Lithuanian a landscape architecture company, Terra Firma


Started working for Factorr as a Junior Creative Consultant

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