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Anastasia Kozlova

Visual Designer | Researcher


Converting ideas into catchy visuals. Designing with people for people.

“Co-Design” is my religion. I believe the best results can be reached by involving all relevant stakeholders into the design process. This approach allows original ideas and concepts to be validated immediately, which makes decision-making more efficient. I think cooperation between people across disciplines inevitably leads to more innovative solutions and unconventional outcomes.

As a child I loved to doodle, and I attended Children’s Art School with the dream of becoming a painter. All grown up, I chose a Design specialization at the University, followed by a Ph.D. degree in Design Science. I’ve been a graphic designer for years and worked internationally.

I have changed countries and universities, learned languages, “designed” my own family and kids. I am so grateful for all the adventures I have been on because they empowered my open-mindedness and consciousness to embrace the fascinating beauty of nature, miracle of life and diversity, human imagination, and uniqueness. With these values in mind, pencils and brushes in my hands and a trackpad at my fingertips, I have found the perfect spot to apply my knowledge, experience, and vision: Factorr - the embassy of true creativity, interaction, and innovation.



Born in the lovely Siberian town of Tomsk, which is full of snow, bears, and universities. Tomsk is located in Russia (USSR back then).

I speak Russian, Italian and English fluently


Graduated (cum laude) from National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia. (Cybernetic Institute, specialization: “Technology of artistic treatment of materials”.) Thesis: “Rapid Prototyping Technology in Jewelry Design”


Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture


University of Trento (Italy). Research fellow at Centre for Aesthetics in Practice (Erasmus Mundus Grant).

Research on the application of bionic design principles in healthcare facilities (evidence-based design approach)


Ph.D. degree in Design Science from IUAV University of Venice, Italy.

Thesis: “How Design Can Contribute to Children's Neurological Rehabilitation”


Founded Kozlova.Design in Schiedam, The Netherlands 


Joined Factorr

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