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Angelica Vigilante

Senior Creative Consultant


Turning ideas into engaging realities that work.

An all-round communications professional with a background in art and culture management, corporate and institutional communications, brand management, and creative production, I have covered creative as well as production roles for a variety of clients, from corporate to institutional. Today, this allows me to create experiences that feel relevant and inspiring for their users. I help clients navigate complexity, enhance ideas, and make their unique story clear, engaging, and memorable.
As a creative producer, I facilitate a collaborative creative process, helping teams express their potential, and maintaining efficient and constructive communication with everyone involved. I’m always looking for concrete ways to make processes smarter, smoother, and sustainably scalable.

My expertise – earned over almost two decades - ranges from concept development to content creation, from PR to art direction, to project management applied to creative projects. Thanks to my diverse and multidisciplinary profile combining theory and practice, and making unusual connections became second nature to me. This helps me attune with the needs of a broad variety of clients and briefs, and provide creative and relevant solutions.

Since childhood, I have been fascinated with most aspects of human knowledge and expression, from visual and performing arts to literature, from cinema to gastronomy, from philosophical and scientific investigation to music and technology.
I'm a firm believer that there is room for kindness, inclusivity and human values in every business interaction and workplace.
I cultivate an inquisitive mind and a multi-passionate spirit, doing my best to learn something new every day. I strive to find and nourish beauty, soul, and harmony in every aspect of life – work included.



Born by an iconic volcano, I survived a major earthquake at 2 days old. An early lesson about the primacy of nature, impermanence, and the need to carpe diem with a smile on your face.


Graduated with honors in Institutional and Corporate Communication, with a thesis on impact evaluation applied to Social Communication campaigns (Erasmus research scholarship at Gent University).


Earned a Master's degree in Art and Culture Management in the basement of a Modern and Contemporary Art museum


Moved to Torino for an internship at a municipality project combining urban development and cultural programming for the renewal of a multicultural neighborhood


Moved to Rome to work in the entertainment industry, with roles in both production and writing for television, live musical shows, and a dance theatre company.


Moved to the Netherlands and started working in travel, hospitality and destination management


Created As Soup As Possible, a storytelling project dedicated to food, culture, and gastronomy, featuring videos, long-form content, and events


Started collaborating with FITC, a production agency creating in-person and online events and conferences for designers, innovators and technologists.


Managed the brand and content marketing of a multi-branch hospitality brand, directing – among other projects – the brand and content side of a full rebranding, the launch of a new eCommerce website, the creation of a brand extension, and the design of a brand-activation event format


Joined Factorr to give more room and impact to my passion for experience design and cultural management.

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