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Body Worlds

Converting the former American Express office building in Amsterdam into a leading visitor attraction

"In the first year after Body Worlds Amsterdam opened its doors, it welcomed over 300,000 visitors"

Tourism Group International (TGI) wanted to convert the former American Express office on the Damrak in Amsterdam into an exhibition and retail space. As the new user of the building, it was TGI's vision to create a large-scale visitor attraction at this location.

Factorr assisted TGI regarding business strategy, content licensing and venue development. Ultimately, it was decided to create a permanent exhibition location to accommodate Body Worlds. 

Several major changes were made to the building to prepare it for the new visitor attraction function. After being completely stripped of all existing installations in the building, voids were made and two new elevators were installed. The building was extended at the rear on the upper floors. Because of the new function, a permanent exhibition, the building was given a high entrance door with a spacious void behind it.

In the first year after Body Worlds Amsterdam opened its doors, it welcomed over 300,000 visitors. Body Worlds Amsterdam is now part of a wider range of exhibitions by Dr. Gunther von Hagens. The original incarnation was an internationally successful touring exhibition that was organized in more than 100 cities in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Since the start in 1995, around 40 million people have visited the human body exhibition.


  • Client: Tourism Group International

  • Webpage:

  • Year: 2013-2016

  • Business strategy: Factorr

  • Content licensing: Factorr

  • Venue development: Factorr Architect: Kees Rijnboutt

  • Interior design and shop: Arthur de Froe, Unit D Design

  • Building contractor: Bouwbedrijf Kneppers

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