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Brooklyn Stam

Junior Creative Consultant


Facilitating cultural exchange through visual media

I believe storytelling is what brings art to life. I have a very personal approach and like to work closely on a team with others.

As a child, growing up between two languages and cultures, I felt split in my identity and that it was difficult to communicate my experiences with my peers. I reconciled this through photos. I am passionate about intercultural communication and the visual world, and I view visual media as a space free from language barriers. For me, it is a medium that fosters understanding through shared experience.


I chose to work at Factorr to help bring that magic to others.



Born in Alkmaar, NL to my American mother and Dutch father


Moved to the Boston area in the US, where I grew up


Studied abroad in La Réunion – a small French island on the coast of Madagascar. I later wrote my bachelor’s thesis focusing on the issue of identity on the island.


Obtained my bachelor's degree in Global Studies and French from the University of Vermont


Obtained my first master’s degree in International Relations with a focus on Culture and Politics at Leiden University. Began my second master’s degree in Media Studies with a focus on Film and Photography at Leiden University


Start working at Factorr as Junior Creative consultant

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