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Carla Costa

Spatial Designer


Creating interesting solutions to spatial challenges

I believe any space is filled with potential just waiting to be discovered. Trying to explore the potential is not only my professional goal but personal also. I believe the world is an overwhelming experience of ongoing potential.

I am glad to be able to see some of it.


Although I was seen as a nerd at school, I always had an artistic side. I started painting when I was 10 years old, and that artistic push lead me to pursue Architecture and Urban Planning as a major. From that on, I was able to broaden my creative side from buildings to carnival costumes. After many adventures, I find myself at Factorr, where I felt I have plenty of room to exchange creative ideas even more.



Born in Brasilia at precisely 5:12am, the time my mom wakes me up every year to wish me Happy Birthday


Graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning at Universidade de Brasilia


Opened a architecture studio with five other friends, where I played a lot with architectural competitions


Joined the National Heritage Agency where I worked with heritage management and urban planning


Moved to Perth, Australia. Worked in a urban planning company and an Architecture studio, making masterplanning and primary schools projects


Beginning of my most important project: my son Max


Worked for the Ministry of Cities in Brazil, working in social housing policies


Moved to Bordeaux, France. That made me the first polyglot person in the family.


Moved to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to start a Masters programme at Erasmus University


Joined Factorr for good new challenges in the Netherlands and beyond

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