Hybrid Meeting Floor

Transforming a traditional office floor into a temporary “space-lab experience”

“Within an ambitious timeframe Factorr transformed our meeting floor into a memorable immersive and experiential environment. Factorr has helped us to get our employees really enthusiastic about what the future will bring” 

- Ewout Bolhuis, Director Deloitte Innovation

Our client, Deloitte, is re-thinking the role of their offices after COVID-19. At a time at which Deloitte is welcoming its employees back at their offices, the Dutch branch of this multinational firm is adopting a hybrid working model. Adopting this model entails finding ways to facilitate employees to work both from home and at the office. This requires exploring ways to provide a seamless work experience for employees, regardless of where they are located.   


As part of this development, Deloitte’s Innovation department wanted to explore how to leverage emerging technologies to connect remote workers to the office and vice versa, in an equal, healthy, and positive way.

Before making any final real estate or technology investment decisions, Deloitte’s Innovation Department initiated the creation of a Hybrid Meeting Floor to gather learnings and reactions from employees.

The Hybrid Meeting Floor consisted of a 1,000 m2 test-zone with 10 high-tech experiments such as remote controller robots, VR, or green rooms.

Factorr was asked to temporarily transform the physical meeting environment of Deloitte’s Amsterdam office. There were four main requirements for this transformation. First, Factorr had to turn the location into an inspirational space to let employees imagine how hybrid working would take place in practice. Second, the Hybrid Meeting Floor had to feel like a laboratory, inviting employees to experiment and test. Third, the new space had to show how the world has changed and Deloitte has adapted to these changes. Finally, the environment had to be memorable and create buzz among Deloitte employees, becoming the talk of the (virtual) town. All these environmental changes had to be built and broken down without damaging the permanent building structure.

Using Factorr’s expertise in change management (technology adoption), exhibition design and event production, we developed a creative concept that combines a futuristic Lab-setting with playful and fun elements. Based on this creative concept, we designed and built a digital and futuristic playground that enticed employees to adopt an “experimental mindset”.

As part of our concept, we designed and created several (digital) communication materials, a campaign website, dashboard, a key visual, as well as illustrations for technical manuals.  

The futuristic environment that Factorr designed for this employee campaign created enormous buzz both among employees and externally. The campaign has been covered by the main Dutch national media outlets including newspapers, radio, and TV with an outreach of 9.99 million.

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