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Taking employees on a digital transformation journey with a Technology Festival and an Artificial Intelligence-driven “celebrity look-alike booth”

“The look alike booth was used three times more often than the department’s total number of employees at the time. As a result, a third of the employees visited the technology festival voluntarily.”

Deloitte’s Risk Advisory department (± 600 employees) wanted to incorporate more digital solutions (software driven by emerging technology like AI, RPA, and Blockchain) into existing consultancy-based services provided to clients.
Before we could expect employees in this department to start experimenting with or using the available digital solutions, they needed to become aware of their existence, see their benefits, understand the way they would impact their work and get a positive perception of the new technology. 

An organizational change and communication approach was designed and executed that involved: 

  • Stakeholder management (one-on-one conversations and larger events like town halls and leadership meetings) 

  • The organizations of a department-wide Technology Festival

  • Creating several communication and marketing materials

  • The creation of an Artificial Intelligence driven “celebrity look alike booth” as part of the awareness campaign


Awareness campaign with the celebrity look alike booth

By using AI techniques, the booth allowed people to discover whether they had the looks of a celebrity, e.g. George Clooney or J-Lo.

When a red button was pressed, a picture was taken, followed by an automated matching process with their famous “look alike”.

It enabled people to acquire first-hand knowledge and awareness of AI techniques like Machine Learning and Facial Recognition in a fun and personal way. People shared their experience by taking pictures and by asking colleagues about their outcome. All of this created a positive buzz and free publicity for the technology festival, the main change activity where employees could learn more about the possibilities of technology. 
The booth was used three times more than the department’s total number of employees at the time, showing the great interest of people in this individual experience. As a result, a third of employees visited the technology festival voluntarily. 



  • Client: Deloitte’s Digital Risk Solutions department

  • Year: 2019-2020

  • Change Management: Marjolein Vlaming

  • Campaign content and design: Marjolein Vlaming

  • Visual identity Technology Festival: Deloitte Studio

  • Look alike booth:

    • Concept: Marjolein Vlaming

    • Graphic design: FX Agency

    • Artificial Intelligence: Deloitte’s Digital Risk Solutions department

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