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Experience in a box

Inviting 300 stakeholders in the USA on a journey to the world’s first Virtual Museum

“The new generation doesn’t just get technology, it also expects it”

The Dutch embassy in Washington, USA couldn’t have their physical New Year’s event due to COVID-19 measures. However, they still wanted to give a token of appreciation to members of their ‘Holland on the Hill’ network, and make Dutch cultural heritage accessible.

Factorr assisted the embassy in creating an experience in a box that combined physical and virtual elements. By developing a custom-designed suitcase that was delivered to the members’ homes, we took 300 of their important stakeholders across the USA on an exciting, digital journey.

The suitcase included an Augmented Reality message from the Dutch ambassador and an invitation to visit the world’s first Virtual Old Masters Museum (The Kremer Museum) that opened its ‘doors’ in 2017.

Factorr was responsible for the creative concept, design, and project management.

In the Kremer Museum, people can watch and learn more about the beautiful Dutch and Flemish masterpieces of this 17th century art collection. They are invited to step into the world of arts, culture and innovation!

Technology has the enormous potential to allow millions of people all over the world to discover a magnificent art collection, which they would otherwise never have access to. 


In order to create the Kremer Museum, each painting has been photographed between 2,500 and 3,500 times using the ‘photogrammetry’ technique to build one ultra-high-resolution visual model for each painting, allowing the museum’s visitors to enjoy a deeply immersive experience with the art. The museum has been awarded with the Digital Innovation in Art Award.



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