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Fernanda Neisskenwirth

Creative Producer

I enjoy bringing order to chaos and putting the pieces together to create coherence from loose ends. 

Growing up in a multicultural environment taught me how to find common ground amidst opposing perspectives. Understanding the complexities of intercultural communication became the backbone of my career, guiding me through journalism and communication studies in Chile and my Master’s in International Relations in the Netherlands.

Throughout my career, I've collaborated with various organizations dedicated to addressing the social and environmental challenges caused by our globalized lifestyle. There, my strength lied in the coordination of all sorts of activities and events, from corporate conferences to creative campaigns.

Being surrounded by individuals from diverse backgrounds nourished my constant curiosity and expanded my imagination. Although creativity has always simmered within me, it met my career path during a brief time working for the International Film Festival Rotterdam. This experience opened my appetite for more.

I am best at translating ideas into practice, which is why I joined Factorr, to help bring great concepts to life.



Born in Moosburg an der Isar, a tiny town in German Bavaria.


Moved to Chile with my family.


Graduated from Journalism at Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile.


Worked at a Chilean law firm, as a communication analyst with a focus on internal communication.


Spent most of the pandemic doing the Master of International Relations in Historical Perspective at Utrecht University, Netherlands.


After falling in love with the Dutch weather, I decided to stay in the country and start working for social enterprises focused on sustainability.


Followed my gut instinct and decided to embrace my imaginative self by joining Factorr as a Creative Producer.

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