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Koelhuis District Exhibition

An engaging communication solution telling the story of Koelhuis District's transformation and history

How to inform visitors and neighbors about the development of the district in a cost-effective and impactful way?

Factorr was asked by a real estate developer to create a solution to inform the community about the history of the area and future plans for the development of Koelhuis District Eindhoven. The goal was to raise awareness among visitors to Koelhuis during the Dutch Design Week exhibition, providing them with a visually appealing, and informative insight into the area's transformation. The challenge was to create this solution within a limited amount of time while leaving people intrigued by the upcoming developments in the district. To achieve this, Factorr utilized building fences as canvases for printed boards, each loaded with information about the area’s history and future.

For the content of the boards, Factorr did thorough historical research in both local and regional archives, conducted interviews with former employees of the site, gathered relevant information and visual materials, and wrote the content for the exhibition boards. The full narrative was presented during the Dutch Design Week exhibition at Koelhuis Eindhoven, where it reached over 8000 visitors, familiarizing them with the future plans for the emerging district.

In addition, the narrative was presented on the external building fence of the construction site, to inform passers-by about the history of the site and plans.

This approach also served to introduce Koelhuis as a brand, contributing to increased public awareness and understanding of the ongoing transformations in the area.


Factorr’s role included:

  • Historical Research

  • Exhibition design

  • Graphic Design

  • Copywriting

  • Production

The Koelhuis District Exhibition gave context to visitors of Koelhuis Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week. Instead of just enjoying the displayed art and space, it made them understand the history and relevance of this industrial heritage and allowed them to learn about future plans.

Marjolein Vlaming (concept design)


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