Het Koelhuis

Transforming a former pie and ice-cream storage building into a multi-tenant location and cultural hub 

"Het Koelhuis will act as a kickstart for larger redevelopments within the former Campina area and ‘Kanaalzone’."

The extraordinary, industrial building, ‘Het Koelhuis’ (literally translated into ‘The Cool/ Freezer House’) was built in the sixties as a storage location for pies and ice-cream made by the Dutch dairy company, ‘Friesland Campina’. This mysterious, concrete box, on the outskirts of the city center of Eindhoven is being transformed by Bakkers-Hommen Waerdevast into a multi-tenant location. In addition to office functionality, the building will incorporate a cultural hub for events and exhibitions. 

Het Koelhuis will act as a kickstart for larger redevelopments within the former Campina area and ‘Kanaalzone’. Once completed, it will act as a landmark for one of the new up and coming areas surrounding the city of Eindhoven. Eindhoven is known as ‘The city of light’ and home to Brainport and multinationals like Philips and ASML.

The building has not been used for decades and was completely gutted by squatters. At the moment, Het Koelhuis is being used as an event location for events, such as CONSTRUCT.

As part of Factorr’s placemaking practice, we were asked to provide advice about business operation, technical management, and production of Het Koelhuis. In addition, we advised on how arts, culture and entertainment can add value to the location.



  • Client: Bakkers Hommen Waerdevast 

  • Consultancy (business operation, technical management, production, placemaking): Factorr

  • Location: Eindhoven 

  • Architect: Ector Hoogstad 

  • Surface: 2400 sqm  

  • Redeveloped into: A 5000 sqm multi-tenant company building ​

  • Photos: Bakkers Hommen Waerdevast

  • Status: In progress