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Lara Haamers

Studio Manager


Oiling the wheels of Factorr as an organization, so that creative juices can flow smoothly.

A craving for planning and organizing paired with my love for creativity brought me to Factorr. My background in (fashion) design made it a good, unique match.

As a child, I always knew I wanted to design clothing. I really loved my fashion design studies at Willem de Kooning academy. This university boasts an interdisciplinary approach, promoting collaboration between different fields, such as photography, illustration, etc. Here I started to learn about other creative fields. 

Working as a store manager for many years made me realize I have other skills that I enjoy, besides designing clothing - namely, problem-solving, prioritizing, and organizing daily and monthly planning. I have always loved to create a logical home  for everything, as well as in files on the computer, as in my personal space, where I keep objects/notes, etc. in the perfect sensible spot.  

I'm thrilled to join the Factorr team, because my inspiration flourishes when I'm surrounded by creative people. My goal is to develop myself as a great studio manager and learn as much as possible about the world of Spatial Design.  



Born in the south of Holland, Breda, with a great Brabants accent.


I moved to London for half a year to do an Internship at J.W.Anderson where I learned a lot about the fashion industry


Graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy, with a Bachelor in Fashion Design 


Lived in Amsterdam, enjoying all the city has to offer for a year, before moving to Rotterdam, which has become my home


Started working for Pull& Bear as a visual merchandiser and grew in the company to become a manager


Designed headwear for my own urban headwear brand alongside my job as a manager 


Started working for Factorr as a studio manager

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