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MainSquare launch campaign 

Designing and producing an internal communication campaign for the launch of an employee engagement platform  

A well-designed employee engagement platform is a great way for a company to connect with their employees, but its adoption can pose some challenges, especially when your audience is 7,000 employees spread across different offices.

MainSquare is Deloitte’s new employee engagement platform, a digital application developed to empower employees to make an impact in their workplace, by contributing their ideas, challenges, and suggestions to make Deloitte an even better place to work.

The platform allows employees to share, browse, like, and discuss ideas, in a virtual space, a digital “square” where the Deloitte of the future is shared and shaped.

Deloitte reached out to Factorr to create an impactful and memorable internal communication campaign aimed at promoting the adoption of this new tool. The main goal was to raise awareness around MainSquare so Deloitte’s 7,000 employees would be inspired by the possibilities the application offers.

Combining Factorr’s expertise in change management, technology adoption, and impactful storytelling, we designed an attention-grabbing creative concept for the campaign.

Our main goal was to trigger the employee’s curiosity by delivering a fun, engaging, and informative experience.

Factorr was responsible for the development of the creative concept, production of the video, and several communication campaign activities and materials. As part of the creative concept, we created a character called “MainSquare”.

MainSquare is the personification of the application, a character that has the power to make thoughts visible: wherever MainSquare goes, something magical happens and ideas and challenges come to light.

The campaign included a promotional video and physical installations deployed in multiple locations including two Deloitte offices, in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The materials were placed in gathering areas and restrooms to deliver the key campaign messages during breaks, when the public would be more receptive.

The video follows a day in the life of the MainSquare character: a feel-good clip which reinforces that everyone has the power to inspire others with ideas and make Deloitte an even better place to work.

The campaign over-exceeded our clients' expectations. MainSquare went from an average of 30 users per week to 30 users per day (with 160 users on the busiest day). This means an increase of 7-37 times the initial amount of daily users. In the month of the campaign, MainSquare reached 1200 users in total.

Factorr has helped us to have an extremely successful product launch. The campaign we worked on, was not only conceptualised, developed, and delivered in a very short time frame, but it also allowed us to have a much wider reach than we had estimated. Our employees have engaged with the product consistently and there is a very good synergy going on.

Felipe Escobar Vega, Product Manager Digital Factory



  • Client: Deloitte Digital Factory

  • Creative campaign concept: Factorr

  • Design campaign materials: Factorr

  • Design MainSquare (application): Deloitte Digital Factory team

  • Videoscript and production: Factorr

  • Videodirection, camerawork & postproduction: Hustle Creatives

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