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Marjolein Vlaming

Managing Director


Using the power of spatial design and narrative environments as a driver for change  

I originally graduated as an organizational psychologist, after which I studied 3D Design and graduated again as an information manager. I’m always looking for ways to combine these three fields and like to use spatial installations, creative concepts, and visual storytelling to make abstract or complex topics more tangible, with an impact on people’s mindsets and emotions. Facts alone are often not enough to motivate people to change their behavior; it is important to communicate to hearts as well as minds. Through design and media, you can involve people in a different way: with imagination and with stories. I believe in the power of using spatial design to win people's hearts and minds and create awareness of a new strategy or topic. Managing teams motivates me and I love to use my analytical and project management skills to reach a shared goal.

Ever since I was a child, I had a fascination for unexplored territory, unconventional ideas, and new challenges. In the early nineties (at the age of 7), I decided to become a vegetarian, at the age of 18 I cycled from Singapore to Bangkok (without a smartphone) and, after graduating from university, I went to art school to study 3D design. I love to combine multiple disciplines and bring together people with different backgrounds. Therefore, I truly believe in Factorr’s vision that “the magic starts with crossovers”. After years of watching Factorr's projects become more and more interesting, I decided to join this exciting journey and become a Managing Director at Factorr.



Entered this universe on an early Monday morning, and have stayed an early bird ever since


Obtained my first master’s degree in Organizational Psychology (cum laude)


Started studying 3D design at the Art School, St. Joost, Breda, The Netherlands 


Worked at boutique consulting firms, which taught me how to manage large projects (obtained PRINCE2, MSP, Scrum certificates), and to conduct data-driven research, it showed me the increasingly important role of technology, increasing my curiosity to learn more about it


Obtained my second master’s degree in Information Management


Worked at Deloitte in several consulting and management roles on international, often digital, transformational projects for various corporate clients. I used creative concepts, visual storytelling, and spatial design in my approach

Became a Managing Director at Factorr


Council member of the Rotterdam Council for Arts and Culture. Member of the committee for the structural embedding of arts and culture in urban development.

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