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Masters of Digitalism

Unraveling the complexity of the Metaverse in an interactive and playful journey through AI generative-art-making with DALL·E 2.

How to introduce complex topics like AI-generative Art, Digital ownership, Digital wallets. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s), Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and its challenges in a way that is both accessible and engaging for a large and diverse audience of employees?

Deloitte Netherlands was on a quest to transport their employees in to the exciting, yet complex world of the Metaverse. The goal was to make them aware of the impact new technologies can have on their client’s products and services. Factorr was asked to create an activation campaign that would not only spark interest but also provide hands-on experience with topics like Digital Ownership and AI-generated art. The immersive, multilevel experience Factorr co-created with Deloitte took employees on an interactive creative journey. Users had the opportunity to make AI-powered digital art, while also exploring the challenging topics unlocked by the expansion of the Metaverse, such as ownership of digital assets. 

Our objective was to empower over 8.000 Deloitte employees to become "Masters of Digitalism”. We approached it by providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to explore the exciting possibilities of digital creation and asset management in the Metaverse. Topics spanned digital wallets, NFTs, and more.

The campaign consisted of several phases. First, employees were invited to experiment with creating their own AI-generated art of Open AI’s DALL·E 2.

The art was minted and dropped into their own digital wallets, so employees could experience the benefits of Blockchain technology first-hand. 

In the second phase employees were challenged to create AI-generated art for a specific company-related topic. The AI-generated art was displayed in several ways throughout the campaign and the winners had their artworks featured in the Masters of Digitalism Virtual Museum.

Without disrupting daily operations in a highly regulated workplace, Factorr transformed part of Deloitte's Amsterdam office building, the CabriolEdge, into a mesmerizing digital art exhibition. The makeover turned the space into a fun deep-dive into the world of Masters of Digitalism. With their AI-generated art displayed on screens surrounded by massive paint-splash designs, the space encouraged visitors to let their creativity run wild.

Their works were proudly displayed on an imposing projection screen (10 x 10 meter) mounted above the building atrium, showcasing the outstanding works of the day in a position visible from all over the building. Beyond the physical campaign, Factorr also developed custom made software, websites and a virtual museum for displaying the employee’s art.


Factorr stimulated the adoption of emerging technologies amongst Deloitte employees through:

  • Development of a creative concept in co-creation with the client 

  • Project management

  • Design of graphic assets

  • Spatial design

  • Creation of communication deliverables such as animations

  • Development of several, custom made, digital solutions (DALL.E interface, website, Virtual Museum)

  • Technical production of the exhibition

  • Video production and different edits for the campaign communication.

It is incredible how Factorr transformed our office space into an experience with a unique and surprising touch. They think big, are not afraid to take hurdles, and pay attention to the details that make the difference. A real pleasure to collaborate with Factorr and very thankful for the splashing end result!

Hester Wiarda, Deloitte Innovation


  • Client: Deloitte Netherlands

  • Year: 2023

  • Media credits:

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