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Placemaking can be seen as a series of activities aimed at turning a space into a meaningful place, and the events occurring in that space into memorable occasions for those who participate in them. It is the iterative process of fostering shared meaning rooted in a physical space or location, in co-creation with the communities that orbit around it. Placemaking activities often take the shape of events, perceived as occasions by their participants. In the words of Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck: “Whatever space and time mean, place and occasion mean more; for space in the image of a man is place, and time in the image of man is occasion”.

Factorr partners up with local institutions, real estate developers, and entrepreneurs, to create and manage placemaking initiatives that enrich spaces on a permanent or temporary basis.   

Our tools of choice in this process are arts, cultural activities, and quality entertainment, whose symbolical richness and emotional potential have the power to connect with their audiences in a transformational, lasting way.  

Placemaking based on arts, culture, and quality entertainment can create a sense of experience, empowerment, and belonging in the communities involved, giving a soul to places previously defined by their bare function.  

How we work

We curate the cultural activation of venues and can provide different solutions, from feasibility studies to concept development and management. We create communication campaigns tailored to the needs of real estate projects and the communities they serve. We facilitate collaboration and participation, involving artists, residents, educational institutions, and other relevant subjects in the activation of venues and locations.  
Our work can count on solid theoretical knowledge, good practices, and a broad (inter)national network of cultural operators, urbanists, and artists.  


Ask us about how we can help you with placemaking initiatives!

Selected projects in our portfolio:

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