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Call for light, art & new media installations, and artists. Join our network!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

At Factorr, we are building our portfolio of suppliers for light, art, and new media installations. We are looking for engaging, unique and original technologists and artists that can deliver existing or commissioned installations (turnkey or adjustable) for our exhibitions. In particular:

1. New media experiences

2. Light installations and structures

3. Interactive video projection (mapping) installations

4. (AI) generative art pieces

5. Immersive installations

Please, send us your portfolio, and contact details to in case:

- You have existing and readily available installations and/or

- You are an artist with experience in the fields above and are open for commissioned work.

We will consider it as part of our curatorial process. Thank you!

About Factorr

Factorr is an agency that produces, designs, and distributes experiences. We create narrative environments to transform audiences, deliver business value, and drive positive societal impact. We operate in an open ecosystem of partners and independent consultants. At Factorr, we are the driving force for MuseumON and we work all around the globe for collection owners, museums, and institutions to deliver immersive narratives.


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