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Factorr welcomes Marjolein Vlaming as partner

We are pleased to announce that Marjolein Vlaming has joined Factorr as partner. Until recently, Marjolein was Senior Manager at Deloitte, where she worked in the field of change management and innovation and managed digital transformations. Factorr’s founder and partner, Arnold van de Water, states: “Marjolein’s background in psychology, design and IT, together with her international experience, make her the right partner to drive Factorr’s strategy. I strongly believe that the arts, culture and entertainment industry can learn from the corporate world and vice versa. We’re excited to bring both worlds closer together”.


Marjolein Vlaming has worked as a Senior Manager at Deloitte in various, international roles and has a strong

background in driving organizational change and innovation in a visual and spatial way. Her years as a

consultant gave her a broad insight into many different, international organizations and their challenges.

Marjolein originally graduated as an organizational psychologist (cum laude, Radboud University Nijmegen),

after which she studied 3D Design (Art School St. Joost, Breda) and graduated again as an information manager (Erasmus University Rotterdam). She is always looking for ways to combine these three fields and likes to use spatial installations, creative concepts and visual storytelling as part of her approach, in order to make abstract or complex topics more tangible.

“Through art and media, you can involve people in a different way: with imagination and with stories. I believe in the power of using spatial design to win people's hearts and minds and create awareness for a new strategy or topic. I love to combine multiple disciplines and bring together people with different backgrounds. Therefore, I truly believe in Factorr’s vision that, ‘magic starts with crossovers’. After years of watching Factorr's projects getting more and more interesting, I decided to join this exciting journey and become Factorr’s partner. I’m looking forward to developing Factorr further in the years to come”

– Marjolein Vlaming



Factorr is a creative consultancy, founded in 2005, that provides global services in strategy, spatial concepts, and transformations. We take a spatial, experiential approach to supporting our clients’ transformational and strategic challenges. The corporate world and the arts & culture and entertainment industry are in our DNA.

We believe that true magic starts with crossovers between these areas.


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