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MuseumON launches service providing world class “edutainment” for malls, airports, and cities

Updated: May 20

  • MuseumON is a museum and culture-based exhibit service designed to attract footfall and repeat visits within commercial and public locations

  • Creates temporary or permanent edutainment attractions for shopping centres, airports, cities, and more

  • Provides non-traditional spaces for cultural, scientific, and historical institutions to reach people who may not normally visit galleries or museums

PRESS RELEASE- The Netherlands, May 18, 2021- A new service has been launched this morning, connecting museums, scientific and cultural organisations with landlords, local authorities and the owners of shopping centres, airports, leisure attractions and commercial and public spaces.

MuseumON is an international platform that makes art, culture, and science accessible to a wider audience. Through the design and implementation of temporary or permanent exhibitions across multiple formats and sizes, MuseumON brings educational content to life at non-traditional locations.

MuseumON provides real estate developers with a full, turnkey service, designing, delivering, and managing immersive interactive installations. MuseumON delivers thought-provoking cultural encounters suitable for all ages, attracting families, young visitors, and adults. It is suitable as a pop-up, as rotating content within vacant space and for mall and airport groups looking to run multiple, replicable events across their portfolios.

This is achieved through the creation of meaningful content and, with its proven track-record of working with world class institutions, MuseumON is able to enrich destinations that are seeking added value activities in an era where many retail activities have moved online.

This creates the opportunity to offer shoppers and travellers educational and social experiences, increasing visitor numbers, extending dwell time, and attracting new target groups.

Backed by Netherlands based Factorr, partner Arnold van de Water – who previously led the team delivering the acclaimed Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience by the Van Gogh Museum - said: “MuseumON provides value-added activities for places, generating additional footfall and giving people a reason to return to your destination. At a time when many locations have been hit by the global pandemic, MuseumON offers an opportunity to use space to actively reconnect with customers and visitors.”

He added: “There is also an urgent need for the cultural sector to engage with new audiences. Only a small percentage of people consider themselves frequent visitors to museums. To make art, science, and culture more accessible to a wider demographic, MuseumON taps into the need to provide ‘wow’ experiences, carefully curating content and engaging people with educational topics and creating Instagrammable moments to share.”

The world class organisations behind MuseumON MuseumON is a Factorr initiative, made possible by support from the Lemma Foundation. Founded in 2005, Netherlands-based Factorr (www.factorr.nl) is an expert in touring exhibitions and location-based entertainment. Factorr’s award-winning team is responsible, among other things, for the production, design, and distribution of immersive experiences to engage audiences, deliver business value, and drive positive social impact.

By working hand in hand with real estate developers, retail destinations, commercial organisations, brands, governments, and Intellectual Property (IP) owners, Factorr delivers impactful and memorable location-based experiences. Past projects from Factorr include the Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience, Body Worlds, Pixar, and Toffler.

The Lemma Foundation (www.lemmafoundation.org) is committed to making arts, culture, and science accessible to a wider audience to drive positive social change. Lemma Foundation facilitates the presentation of engaging content, free of charge in unexpected locations, and establishes partnerships with a variety of organisations to make this possible.

More information For more information, please visit the official website of MuseumON: www.museum-on.com -----

Media Enquiries For media enquiries, please contact Julieta Matos-Castaño at julieta.matoscastano@factorr.nl