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Transformation Quest 

A hands-on journey designed to empower SHV Energy leaders through an experience focused on enhancing customer satisfaction.

How to apply serious gaming as part of an interactive leadership conference experience focused on enhancing customer satisfaction?

Factorr and Orange Minds were approached by SHV Energy to craft an engaging conference experience aimed at engaging their leadership team and fortifying their commitment to the company's new digital and transformation strategy. This initiative sought to synergize team-building efforts with strategic alignment during their annual leadership event.

The result, a board game named “Transformation Quest”, offers a dynamic pathway designed to guide SHV Energy's team through an End-to-End journey toward customer success.

Participants embark on a captivating pathway, navigating every phase of the customer success journey, from identifying challenges to presenting innovative solutions through storytelling.

The game was a well-received tool for learning new ways of working, demonstrating  high engagement among participants. It is ideal for further independent application and increasing the amount of participants per facilitator, as it contains all the relevant information a facilitator would normally provide.

Our mission was to translate the game concept into a tangible experience, comprising a game board, game cards, and 3D-printed figures resembling a miniature version of SHV Energy cylinder truck, all housed within a lightweight, branded game box.

We wanted an unforgettable experience and Factorr, together with Orange Minds, delivered a product of an outstanding quality.

Javier Rivera, Head of Strategy,
Governance & Architecture SHV Energy 


  • Client: SHV Energy

  • Creative production: Factorr

  • Creative game concept, design and content: Orange Minds

  • Facilitator: Margriet Buseman

  • Photo credits: Voorbeeld fotografie, Factorr

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