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Discover the magic of immersive storytelling – join our team!

Will you join us? 

Factorr is an agency that operates in an open ecosystem of partners and independent consultants. Factorr’s permanent staff and collective are drawn from a range of disciplines including exhibition and graphic design, (video) artists, interpretative planning, museology, technology, interactive design, technical production, social sciences, business administration, change management and psychology. 

At Factorr, we have an international and diverse team, bringing together talents from various cultures and backgrounds to create unique and meaningful experiences worldwide.

At Factorr, we:

  • Utilise physical space as a medium for multi–sensory storytelling

  • Harness immersive technologies to make complex and abstract topics comprehensible

  • Combine different disciplines to generate innovative ideas

  • Leverage arts, culture, and entertainment to create meaningful experiences

Do you want to join us?

At Factorr, we are always keen to meet new talent and to expand our network with the best professionals. Please have a look at the selection of our projects to see if your profile and experience are the perfect match for our services. Feel free to send us your CV or portfolio and a short motivational statement!

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