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Meet Vincent
van Gogh Experience

Bringing Van Gogh’s story to life in a global, touring exhibition

“The revenue generated by the Experience directly contributes to the Museum’s activities. Van Gogh Museum's experiential content like Meet Vincent is an important way of celebrating the authenticity of the Van Gogh family legacy and Van Gogh Museum’s cultural brand.”

To make the life and art of Van Gogh accessible to as many people as possible, Van Gogh Museum commissioned the creation of a global touring exhibition: the Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience. Inspired by the museum’s unique collection of Van Gogh’s personal letters, the Experience tells the story of Vincent’s life in his own words. Local promoters have the opportunity to host this blockbuster exhibition, which is based on one of the world’s most renowned artists and one of the strongest museum brands.

Both entertaining and educational, this multisensory immersive experience is designed for families, schools, art novices and experts alike.

Factorr helped the Van Gogh Museum during two important stages of the project. In the first stage Factorr was responsible for the overall construction management of the two exhibition sets. Within a challenging timeline and within the set quality standard and budget the exhibition was handed over to the museum.

In the second stage Factorr was asked to take over daily management from the project team and to restructure the commercial strategy of the project. This resulted in four successful tour stops in Barcelona, Seoul, Lisbon and London that contributed directly to the mission of the museum.






  • Client: Van Gogh Museum

  • Year: 2014-2020

  • Interpretative planning: Event Comm

  • Exhibition design and creative direction: Event Comm

  • Construction management: Factorr

  • Business strategy & tour management: Factorr

  • Show production: Factorr

  • Technical production: ArtFX

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