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Designing and producing an internal corporate exhibition to boost employees’ engagement with innovative visual communication techniques.

How to inspire and educate employees about the complex work and findings of a Center of Expertise specialising in hi-tech trends and visual innovations?

Deloitte Innovation reached out to Factorr with a challenge to develop and produce an interactive experience aimed at raising awareness about the work of Deloitte’s Center of Expertise, a team of experts specializing in the application of the latest design and technology to ensure effective and impactful communication.


Our client’s ambition was to inspire Deloitte’s employees to adopt a creative approach to their own use of innovative visual communication techniques in preparing presentations, pitches, and client assignments. 

To solve the client’s problem, Factorr thought of a space where the potential of effective and visually appealing communication could be demonstrated and experienced in the most impactful and interactive way during the yearly corporate event of Deloitte Netherlands.

We co-created VisualizeD to be an event within the event, an immersive space where visitors could actively explore and test different examples of visual techniques in a self-guided tour. The exhibition was a visual playground in a spacious self-standing pavilion within the festival area of Thuishaven in Amsterdam.


The shell of the pavilion was a black inflatable tent, which provided a sheltered environment within the grounds of the Deloitte’s yearly event, and the ideal background for the exhibits to stand out. Bright and colorful design, highly stimulating light installations and eyecatchers, VR games and hologram technology made the exhibition space vibrant, engaging, and fun. The interactive installations that Factorr designed included a self-driving car, a hologram with data visualization, a Mario Kart home circuit, and more.

Our creative approach helped visitors experience relevant applications of immersive and computer vision technologies, thanks to real-life cases articulated in four themes (Computer Vision, Data visualization, AR, and VR).


Factorr’s role in the creation of Visualized included:

  • Creative concept

  • Exhibition design

  • Creative production

 Implementation of immersive technologies and computer vision.


VisualizeD was seen and experienced by over 1300 employees in just two days, collecting enthusiastic feedback and interest in the work of the Visual Center of Expertise, with 232 employees voluntarily joining it during the event.

We focused on the content, Factorr focused on making the experience inspirational and tangible (…) We have a lot of new community members and people who want to get involved in our project. It has been a great success.

Emily Reijnierse, Deloitte Innovation



  • Client: Deloitte Innovation

  • Creative concept: Factorr 

  • Exhibition design & build: Factorr

  • High-Tech experiences and content: Deloitte Netherlands

  • Location: Thuishaven Amsterdam

  • Surface: 200 sqm  

  • Photos: Voorbeeld fotografie

  • Video: Tonda

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