Xavier Milton Zinkl

Junior Creative Consultant


Defining visions through the scope of culture

I offer an understanding of the demand and market, and connect these to the visions of stakeholders to create the best user experience. I am responsible for project management and analysis within Factorr, conducting research that results in actual added value. I use all my previous work experience – ranging from festivals to night clubs, my interest in the art scene and my academic background – to foster opportunities, foresee market trends, and ensure its full potential is realized.

Coming from a business orientated family, the importance of understanding the market was always stressed. The question of how to best allocate resources to create an outcome that enriches everyone inspired me throughout my previous career as a Junior Consultant in Switzerland. With Factorr, I look forward to creating experiences in new and exciting places, accessible to as many people as possible.



Born in Basel, Switzerland


Junior Consultant for Cogit AG, facilitating cooperations between R&D departments and universities


Obtained my business degree in Basel Switzerland with specialization in macro-economics, swiss law and accounting


Moved to Rotterdam, NL to study economics on university level


Started Management of International Social Challenges at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam


Started to work at Factorr