What we do

Factorr has produced, designed, and distributed experiences since 2005. We create narrative environments to transform audiences, deliver business value, and drive positive societal impact.  


Our activities revolve around three main services:

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We produce, design, and manage successful attractions, exhibitions, and activations. We do this for collections, IP owners, and organizations.

Spatial Concepts

We add value to spaces such as retail environments, real estate developments, and municipalities/regions through arts, culture, and entertainment. 

We provide and distribute a catalogue of turn-key experiences that connect producers, content owners, local presenters, museums, and visitor attractions.

At Factorr, we are passionate about challenging the status quo by providing memorable experiences that influence the way people think about the world. Our work focuses on creating and delivering immersive experiences around three main themes:

  • Arts and culture: By delivering narrative environments, we make arts and culture accessible to a wider audience in an entertaining and engaging way.

  • Technology: We encourage reflection on the societal impact and opportunities of technology.

  • Sustainability: We carefully curate the topics we work on, to capitalize on the power of the capacity of experiences and storytelling to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe that magic starts with crossovers.

In our approach, we combine the insights and expertise from multiple disciplines to design, build and distribute narrative environments.