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We are a creative agency using physical space as a medium for engaging multisensory storytelling that brings brands, concepts, and places to life.

We are a diverse team of creatives leveraging a broad set of disciplines, backgrounds, and skills to inspire, activate, and make changes in people’s hearts and minds through direct experience. Factorr is a catalyst, a maker, and a doer.

Factorr is creative by definition. Like our approach to work, our name is multifaceted and well-grounded. It comes from the Latin word factor, meaning: maker, doer, cause, creator.  The second ‘R’ has multiple meanings too. It stands for (and sounds like) Rotterdam, as a reminder of our origins. It also reminds us of our orientation to concrete R-esults.

What we do

Our creative consultancy has been a success factor for a broad array of brands and organizations.  
Factorr is the ideal creative partner for two main needs:

We create engaging communication campaigns, installations, and immersive experiences that enhance brands, concepts, and messages.


We leverage arts, culture, and entertainment to co-create meaning around spaces, together with their user communities.  

We love to partner with like-minded brands and organizations who share our core values:

  • Crossovers. Our multidisciplinary approach to creativity is rooted in the belief that teams combining different backgrounds, perspectives, and sets of knowledge generate ideas and solutions that are more relevant, effective, and inspiring.

  • Arts and culture as factors of positive change. We believe in the role of arts, culture, and quality entertainment in the growth of communities and society at large.

  • Science, technology, and innovation. We strive to leverage the best of science, technology, and innovation to engage audiences and make complex topics more accessible and relatable.

  • Sustainability. We care about the future and stay mindful of the impact of our choices on different dimensions of sustainability: human, social, economic, and environmental.

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