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We are a creative agency using space,
both physical and virtual, as a medium for engaging multisensory storytelling that brings brands, concepts, and strategies to life.

We are a diverse team of creatives leveraging a broad set of disciplines, backgrounds, and skills to inspire, activate, and make changes in people’s hearts and minds through direct experience.

Factorr is creative by definition. Like our approach to work, our name is multifaceted and well-grounded. It comes from the Latin word factor, meaning: maker, doer, cause, creator.  The second ‘R’ has multiple meanings too. It stands for (and sounds like) Rotterdam, as a reminder of our origins. It also reminds us of our orientation to deliver concrete R-esults.


What we do

We provide bold, engaging, immersive solutions to create awareness, transfer knowledge, boost innovation, and guide transformations. We like to partner with like-minded brands and organizations who share our passion for crossovers, arts and culture, and innovation.

(Corporate) exhibitions

We create narrative, multisensory environments for brands, concepts and places.

Immersive environments 

We create informative (and preferably fun!) virtual and physical spaces.

Impactful (art) installations

We create effective installations that move people’s hearts and minds.

and events

We produce compelling communication campaigns and events designed to achieve strategic objectives.

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