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Bubble Buzz 

Raising awareness for an emerging art institution during Dutch Design Week '23

How do you create awareness for an emerging art institution beyond

all the amazing, exhibited artworks inside?

For Koelhuis Eindhoven, designed “Bubble Buzz” a site-specific façade installation, inviting visitors to the “Bubble Trouble” Exhibition during Dutch Design Week ‘23.

The "Bubble Trouble" exhibition delves into the symbolism of bubbles as spaces of comfort and safety, reflecting our collective tendency to isolate from uncertainties. Once a symbol of safety within our constructed realities, bubbles can have profound consequences, such as housing bubble disparities and social segregation. The artistic playground within Koelhuis invites you experience the balance between comfort and fragility within our constructed bubbles that are about to burst.

Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place in Eindhoven every year. It is one of the biggest design events in Europe that presents work, and ideas of more than 2,600 designers to more than 350,000 visitors from home and abroad.


To visit different exhibitions, events and, activities DDW provides Renault Design Rides to travel between the various DDW locations. As part of this activation, we’ve created a "bubble-ride" in addition to the façade installation. This “Bubble-Ride” has been selected as key-visual for the Renault Dutch Design Week press release.

Media selection: 

It's delightful to witness people's enthusiastic reactions to our bubble installation. From children excitedly pointing at the façade, beseeching their parents for a chance to explore the exhibition inside, to passersby expressing how our installation has brought them joy, the responses have been heartwarming. We were especially thrilled when the driver of the bubble-ride shared his pride in driving what he referred to as the 'most beautiful car' during Dutch Design Week.

Marjolein Vlaming (concept design)



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