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An immersive experience designed to help SHV Energy drive awareness of and engagement in the future possibilities of its value chain.

How to make the vision for the company's future tangible and inspiring, turning innovation projects and case studies into powerful internal communication tools?

Factorr was approached by SHV Energy to create an immersive experience to inspire and excite their leadership team about future possibilities for their business through innovative case studies during their annual leadership event. The solution had to be reusable because of sustainability reasons, transportable and easy to set up. SHV Energy’s Innovation department collected several real-life examples and innovative case studies within their company, highlighting the future of SHV Energy's value chain. Their goal was to make SHV Energy senior leadership aware of these innovative projects and provide them with a glimpse of the future, emphasizing the impact of innovations on people, the planet, and overall performance.

Our mission was to inspire the company’s leadership with a preview of the future of SHV Energy’s value chain, showcasing innovative projects that SHV Energy is already undertaking to reach that future state.


Combining Factorr’s expertise in change management, technology adoption, and impactful storytelling we developed an immersive experience called “Beyond”. The experience combines a maquette table with 3D printed objects, to show the existing value chain and Augmented Reality (AR) to present different future scenarios for the supply chain.

When pointing a tablet at the 3D model, the augmented reality brought SHV energy’s supply chain to life through several animations visualizing the supply chain’s future.

By using cutting-edge technologies and immersive storytelling to visualize future scenarios, Factorr managed to inspire the leadership and raise awareness of the future vision of the company.


It was well received amongst the participants as an innovative approach to knowledge sharing.

I cannot recommend Factorr enough if you are looking for a company that can turn your concepts into incredible experiences! Thanks a lot for the support and professionalism at every step of the way!

Navid Ardakanian, Global Innovation Manager, SHV Energy

Factorr’s role in the creation of Beyond included:

  • Creative concept

  • Developing a Maquette table with 3D models and AR

  • Creative production

  • Technical production

3D printing: Shapeways Eindhoven

Photo credits: Voorbeeld fotografie, Factorr

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