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Ellie Middleton

Creative Consultant


Always on the hunt for creative solutions to solve a problem

I’m a people person who loves understanding what makes people tick, with a big passion for the creative process. I started my career as a sociologist and consumer insight specialist, spending 13 years travelling around the world researching and analysing people’s behaviour for global brands such as Unilever and Irish Distillers. The insights I uncovered guided marketing and communication strategies, packaging design, products and services.


I loved working in this intense environment, solving problems, and storytelling, but I started to wish I was on the creative side of the process. I finally took the leap and pushed my career into the realm of creativity. In 2021, I went back to university to study Art and Design at Kingston University for a year - from then I’ve pivoted my career into more creative roles (from illustration to graphic design) but like to inject it with a deep understanding of human behaviour, project and client management.



Born in the UK in thick of the 80s - with Wham and Queen on the radio


Graduated in Sociology at University of Nottingham


Worked at an international qualitative research agency, working for global brands using customer insight to guide brand development


Learnt how to "horse whisper" while travelling through South America volunteering on cattle and horse ranches


Moved to The Netherlands. Spent several years doing user research at - helping break down the customer experience for the company to improve the product for customers


Took the plunge and went back to University to study Visual Communication at Kingston University, London


Started incorporating design work into research projects and moving more into design


Started working at Factorr

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