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Katažyna Jankovska

Junior Producer | Copywriter

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Using the power of art, science, technology, and storytelling to drive social change

I was writing since I remember myself. I always have at least two notebooks on my desk, here and there around the room. While studying at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, I started writing photography exhibition reviews for local art magazines. From that time on, I kept contributing various articles and essays, slowly shifting from photography to more technology-based art.

In 2020 I decided to get a master’s degree and moved to Rotterdam. In my thesis, I focused on the ways that unstable media art can act as a different kind of knowledge production and reshape social realities. Since then, my scholarly and curatorial interests revolve around the intersection of art, science, and technology.

After finishing my master’s and deciding to stay in Rotterdam to experience the city, I have been involved in various exciting projects, from editing an art magazine to curating exhibitions and publishing a book. Now my career takes yet another turn as a junior producer and copywriter at Factorr, where I can combine my interest in new media and innovative technologies with my passion for storytelling and knowledge production.



Born in Lithuania


Graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts in Art History and Theory with a focus on contemporary photography


Started working as a freelance curator and moved to Rotterdam


Became a co-editor of an independent art magazine SPREAD MAG


Finished her master’s in arts, Culture & Society at Erasmus University Rotterdam with a thesis “Beyond the Human: Unstable Media Art Constructing New Social Realities”


Joined Factorr as a Junior Producer and Copywriter

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