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Merijn van Elsäcker

Junior Creative Consultant


Embracing innovation and creativity through visual media

Currently enrolled at the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam, specializing in Media Management, and I'm in my final year. My world revolves around photography and graphic design, passions I've nurtured since childhood, having previously completed a two-year program in Media Design.

My current studies involve diving deep into event organization, marketing strategies, design concepts, and managing media production. I'm constantly absorbing insights into the creative world, eager to expand my knowledge and skills.

Photography has been my obsession since I was young, always chasing that perfect shot. I chose to intern at Factorr because it offers the perfect environment for learning, with diverse projects that provide invaluable insights into the creative industry and its communication dynamics.

Factorr's character aligns perfectly with my aspirations, and I'm excited to contribute to their innovative projects while continuing to grow as a creative professional.



Born in Rotterdam


Graduated from Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam VMBO


Studied graphic design at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam MBO, specializing in Packaging Design


Worked at "De Doelen" in Rotterdam in hospitality


Currently pursuing a degree in Media Management at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam MBO


Joined Factorr as Junior Creative Consultant

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